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Innovation leads the concept of vegetable

Environmental + health + flavor

The birth of IMMENSE is a new breakthrough in the field of food and vegetables, the main ingredient of natural health Hericium, which has done beyond the taste of meat, so vegetarianism you can enjoy rich flavor and healthy food delicacies, IMMENSE Real product concept, the food and security checks to do a heart, with the main ingredients of truth, kindness and beauty, each item can show unparalleled, excellent flavor and happiness like heaven and earth delicious. (Product line items please refer to the back)

[Four never]
@ Never add preservatives
@ Never add artificial flavors
@ Never add preservatives
@ Never add animal extracts

[Four insisted]
@ Hericium main ingredients
@ Natural ingredients extraction
@ Ancient refining system
@ Certification check

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Services: Vegetarian Foods

Merchandise Shipping:Postal Delivery, Express, In Person
Payment:Credit Card, Cash, Wired Transfer, T/T
Service Zone:Nationwide